Welcome to Oil Essentials. I love sharing the benefits of essential oils and believe doTERRA to have the purest, highest quality essential oils. I hope that you will benefit from the information you find here. Feel free to leave comments or contact me with any questions you might have.


I was first introduced to essential oils about 20 years ago, but I was young and didn't really understand that they could be so much more than something that just smelled good.  Around five years ago I was re-introduced to oils, and this time I "got it". 

I started out using essential oils from a company that had been  marketing them for years, and since I had never used them before, this brand was a great way to be introduced to the benefits of essential oil. Shortly after that I was introduced to another brand of oils, they resonated better with me, so I switched and started using them.  I am so grateful for my time with this company because I really learned a lot about essential oils, and truly learned to love them and incorporate them into my every day life.

I eventually started feeling like there was something better out there.  So I started looking around to see what was available.  It was important to me to find essential oils that were 100%  pure and safe to ingest.  I wanted to find a company whose owners and founders and corporate leaders were honest and had the utmost integrity.  A company I could trust to provide the very best products, pure and safe.

In January of 2009 a fellow essential oil user told me about doTERRA.  She really didn't know anything about them, just that some of her friends were switching to this new company.  I immediately started doing research and reading everything I could find about doTERRA.  The more I read, the more I learned, the more impressed I was.  I knew I had found everything I was looking for and then some! 

A few weeks later I had the opportunity to fly to Utah and attend meetings with the owners and founders of doTERRA.  Once again I found myself highly impressed, and I knew that my first impressions had been correct.  I had found something amazing!  I had found a group of professional individuals who shared profound experiences of the life enhancing benefits of essentials oils. Indviduals who wanted to bring a new standard of essential oils to the world.  They wanted something different that would appeal to all people, from the beginning essentail oil user to the professional. They created a new paradigm for essentail oils, and I was thrilled to have discovered doTERRA.

I hope you will take the time to learn all you can about doTERRA, the owners, founders and corporate leaders and why they were inspired to create doTERRA. Learn about the purity of our oils and other wellness supplements and skin care products.  Watch the videos and webinars and get educated about what we have to offer.  Then try our oils and smell the difference!


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